It’s Stella :)

Once upon a time, there is a stressed old man strolling down the street (in order to calm his cluttered mind). Halfway, he met a young asian girl, sitting down the tree and playing with a hamster. For him, it was the most warm living picture he ever seen (for the last 10 years, after his wife died). Can’t hold his curiousity, he then talk to the girl:

Hello there, looks like you’re having fun playing with that cute looking critter. Do you really like your hamster?

Oh hello sir (the girl look up at the old man). Tee-hee, i really like him! He’s so darn cute and i just can’t resist him.

Oh really? So what’s his name?

Aw, i never really give him a ‘solid’ name. I like to call him ‘Hammie’, ‘Muchi’, ‘Muchu’, ‘Munyus’, and many more. For me he’s the ultimate definition of cuteness. So i thought, a single name won’t be able to describe him well. You see, Jesus also have a lot of name ~well, i wasn’t try to compare this little hammie with Lord Jesus, but i just made that as an example.

Hmmm, nice argument you have there… It’s been a long time since i heard that kinda argument. You’re an interesting girl… Btw, you’re not from around here, are you?

Yep, you scored 100! Totally right!

Where you from?

From a country called Indonesia.

Indonesia? That name doesn’t ring a bell… Where is it exactly?

South East Asian… Hummm, let’s see… how to explain this to you… Ah! Have you heard about Bali?

Bali? Sure do kiddo. It’s one of a famous travel destination on earth. Why do you ask?

Because, if you know where and what Bali is, then you must be know Indonesia. Because Bali is a part of Indonesia! Tee-Hee

Oh really? I never knew that, until today of course…

It’s okay. Most people out there don’t really know Indonesia, so i understand your ignorance… But for me, i really love my country, especially my hometown. It’s the best place on earth, because i have my family there, my friends there, my home there  (i always enjoy playing PS and Nintendo at home along with my family), i have my first love there, first broken heart, first jobs, and many more. It just full of memories 🙂

I admire you… but then, why do you come here, far from your hometown, far from people you loved?

Experience sir. I’m seeking for experience. Not working experience, but life experience. I want to see more of life. I want to be a living witness of diversity, i want to learn and preserve cultures, i want to sing in many languages, i want to make friends with all colors, and in the end of the day, i just want to share it all with all of you…

How will you share it with us?

There’s so many ways 🙂 just use your imagination sir. Mr. Deepak Chopra once said that this universe is just like a nano technology in God’s Mind. And as a finest creation of Him, our mind also have that capability, to think creative, out of the box, and just being a smart ass as we are. Each person have his/her own capabilities & preferences in doing this. In my case, i rather go with drawing, designing, make a story, and many more.

Hahahaha, just as i thought, your mind is just ‘blasting’ and ‘interesting’, if i can’t say it ‘have a screw loose’ ~in a good way of course.

Well, thank you. I’ll take it as a compliment :). And oh, i really like your statement ‘have a screw loose’, because i think all of us, no matter how genius you are, how nice you are, we all must have ‘screw loose’ in our mind. That’s why we’ll never be perfect. And it’s nice to be imperfect, because you don’t have to push yourself too hard (until you lose your mind) hahahaha.

Nice one there kiddo! So, you like art, huh?

Yes, i do. Since i’m an art myself 🙂

True… we’re all are arts, that’s what’s make us ‘antique’ sometimes…

Couldn’t agree more sir.

Oh my, how time does fly by while i’m talking to you. I need to get back on my ‘strolling track’, before it gets too dark to walking alone. So, i think it’s a goodbye for now, little miss…

Oh don’t mind me sir, please go on with your routine. I don’t want to delay you any longer. Have nice strolling time.

Oh, by the way… i forgot to ask your name. What’s your name?

It’s Stella 🙂


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